Tuck in

Escaping economics, even in the bush, is impossible. Supply and demand will inevitably even itself out especially when lions are involved.

Although waterholes support a great diversity of life forms and act as points where animals congregate, they also serve as easy pickings for predators. This was the case recently when I approached a little waterhole.

Lions Feeding-1

Instead of finding general game drinking water and then casually moving off, I found a lioness moving closer to the water. As I turned the corner I was greeted with an incredible sighting.

Lions Feeding-2Lions Feeding-3

Lions had killed a zebra and had tucked heavily into the carcass. There wasn’t much left by the time I arrived. There were two females and some cubs finishing off the remains of the unsuspecting animal.

Lion's shareLions Feeding-5

The cubs wasted no time and ensured that they too get their lion’s share of meat. One of the little ones took full advantage of his share (and possibly its siblings share). Its belly was so swollen that rolling over and lazing about in the sun was the only order for the day.

Lion's Feeding-6